Ethereum Classic

tlm 2020, Blockchain

Oracles with Ethereum Classic and Chainlink Ethereum Classic Labs is excited to announce our collaboration with Chainlink to bring decentralized oracles to Ethereum Classic. Ethereum Classic & Ethereum do not natively interact with off-chain services due to the underlying consensus mechanisms that maintain specific behavior in the network, particularly determinism. In this regard, blockchains can only process transactions in a deterministic manner …


tlm 2020, Blockchain

QANplatform Integrates Chainlink Oracles to Connect with Real-World Data Quantum-resistant QAN blockchain platform integrates Chainlink’s decentralized oracle framework to allow its developers to obtain tamper-proof real-world data for its multilingual smart contracts. TALLINN, Estonia, Feb. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — QANplatform is thrilled to announce the planned integration of Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain …

Set Protocol

tlm 2020, DeFi

Introducing the LINK RSI Set on TokenSets The first Set with LINK as a component is now live! Introduction We’re excited to announce the launch of the LINK RSI Set (LINKRSI) on TokenSets! Rebalances for this new Set is powered by our brand new integration with Chainlink’s LINK/USD oracle. The LINKRSI Set is the first Set on TokenSets that contains a crypto-asset …


tlm 2020, Infrastructure

Safety beyond the grave through Chainlink and NGRAVE Disclaimer: This article is a collaborative effort between Chainlink and NGRAVE. Chainlink is an open-source protocol that has been pioneering secure smart oracle technology. NGRAVE is a blockchain security provider offering a secure and user friendly end-to-end solution for the self-sovereign management of one’s digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Please find the original PDF version here. 1. Intro & …

Easy 2 Stake

tlm 2020, Node Operator

Easy 2 Stake is launching Oracle Services on the Chainlink Network Easy 2 Stake is a trusted proof of stake provider for top cryptocurrency projects on the market. As of January 2020, we are proud and excited to have extended our operations to the Chainlink network by launching our first Easy 2 Stake Chainlink node. Together with other Chainlink node operators, we …

Staking Facilities

tlm 2020, Node Operator

Staking Facilities joins the Chainlink Ecosystem as New Node Operator Blockchains will only fully realize their disruptive potential if they can be connected to the “real” world. For that to happen successfully, off-chain data needs to be brought into the blockchain sphere by so-called oracles. Oracles enable smart contracts to retrieve data from outside the blockchain, ultimately extending the range …

Chorus One

tlm 2020, Node Operator

Chorus One is Joining Chainlink as a Node Operator We are excited to announce that Chorus One is joining Chainlink as a node operator. Starting today, our Chainlink node will assist in providing highly available and reliable data feeds to the crypto ecosystem. Solving The Oracle Problem The Chainlink team is providing a core piece of infrastructure for blockchain applications …

Offchain Labs

tlm 2020, Infrastructure, Layer 2

Scalable & Low Cost Computation of Ethereum Smart Contracts Using Arbitrum, on the Chainlink Network We are excited to announce the release of new capabilities for the larger Ethereum community by enabling the combined use of Arbitrum and Chainlink, which will enable Arbitrum’s unique form of trust-minimized smart contract computation to be used both securely and easily in the computation of any data-enabled …


tlm 2020, DeFi

0xProject tweeted about their use of Chainlink Hacking at @EthereumDenver? We released a stop-limit order pattern, leveraging price feeds operated by @Chainlink. Onchain oracles can support novel use cases when combined with DEX infrastructure. Take the contract for a spin & tell us your feedback!  

Swipe Wallet

tlm 2020, Payments

Swipe Leverages Chainlink to Bring Decentralized Pricing into the Swipe Network Swipe recently collaborated with Chainlink, a reliable decentralized oracle network provider that offers high-security data solutions to smart contracts on any blockchain. The new integration will enable the Swipe platform to access Chainlink’s decentralized price feed oracles, particularly their ETH-USD Price Reference Contract and a custom-built decentralized price reference network for …