tlm 2021, AI, Node Operator

Quantum Data Technologies to Launch Chainlink Node to Bring AI-Based Crypto Price Predictions On-Chain We are pleased to announce that QDT will be launching our own Chainlink node to make our premium AI analytics and predictions for crypto available to developers building on various smart contract platforms. Chainlink is the industry-leading secure blockchain middleware for getting existing APIs compatible with blockchain networks. Through our …

Project WITH

tlm 2021, NFT, Node Operator, VRF

Project WITH will Launch Chainlink Node and Use Chainlink VRF to Enable Sports-Based Dynamic NFTs Project WITH is pleased to announce a planned two-part integration with Chainlink, the market-leading decentralized oracle network. First, Project WITH plans to launch its own Chainlink node to bring data from the WITH marketplace on-chain for developers to leverage within their blockchain applications. Secondly, we plan to …


tlm 2021, Node Operator

Agryo to Launch a Chainlink Node, Bringing Agricultural Data On-Chain to Support Sustainability-Focused dApps  


tlm 2021, Data Provider, Node Operator

Connexun Will Launch a Chainlink Node to Bring Curated News Event Data to Blockchain Connexun bringing curated news event data to Blockchain Connexun is pleased to announce that it will be making premium news data accessible to blockchain applications (called smart contracts) by launching its own Chainlink node. Chainlink is a secure blockchain middleware that enables existing APIs to become compatible with blockchain …

Prospect Now

tlm 2021, Data Provider, Node Operator, Real Estate

ProspectNow Will Launch a Chainlink Node to Bring Premium Real-Estate Data to Blockchain Markets We are pleased to announce that ProspectNow will be launching our own Chainlink node, making our premium real estate data available to developers and applications across leading blockchains. The Chainlink node serves as secure blockchain middleware, which gets our existing APIs compatible with various blockchain environments. We will use the …

Bookmaker Ratings

tlm 2021, Data Provider, Node Operator

Bookmaker Ratings Launches Chainlink Node on Mainnet to Provide Sports Results and Proprietary Odds On-Chain As the largest sports betting media in Russia and Eastern Europe, Bookmaker Ratings has an expansive set of APIs that provide users with access to proprietary and aggregated sports odds and sports results data, both of which are highly available and refined. Given the growth …

New Change FX

tlm 2021, Data Provider, Node Operator

New Change FX will provide Its premium benchmark data to DeFi through the Chainlink Network New Change FX (NCFX) is pleased to announce that we will be making our premium FX, precious metal, and crypto asset market data covering circa 2,300 currency pairs available on leading blockchains through the Chainlink Network. Using Chainlink’s large collection of secure node operators, smart contract developers …


tlm 2021, Data Provider, Node Operator

Nomics Launches Chainlink Node and Bring Professional-Grade Crypto Asset Data On-Chain We are pleased to announce that Nomics, the API-first crypto asset data provider, has launched a Chainlink oracle node to sell our premium financial data directly to smart contract applications across leading blockchain environments. By joining the Chainlink Network as a node operator, our existing suite of APIs will become blockchain-enabled, empowering …

Blue Antoinette

tlm 2021, Data Provider, Node Operator

Blue Antoinette to Launch a Chainlink Node to Make Global Tax Solutions Available to Smart Contracts With the rapid increase in financial applications being launched on blockchain-based smart contract platforms, there is increasing demand for tax information from developers building these “DeFi” products. This is especially important for organizations that want to sell their products via public blockchains and decentralized …


tlm 2021, Data Provider, Node Operator

Sportmonks to launch a Chainlink node to bring sports data to blockchain applications We’re excited to announce that SportMonks, a leading sports data provider, will be launching our own Chainlink node to bring our sports data directly to blockchain applications across the leading networks. Through the Chainlink node, we can get our full suite of existing APIs blockchain-enabled, allowing us to broadcast the …