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October 2, 2023
We're excited to join the fast-growing CCIP ecosystem
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Hidden Beauty

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The NFTs in our collection come in 5 rarity levels:

  • Common NFT
  • Rare NFT
  • Exclusive NFT
  • Ultra NFT
  • Pablo NFT

You will start with the Common level and will be able to upgrade your NFT without additional investments. The payment for this will be in project tokens called BEAUTY. You'll receive them through airdrops after each of the four sales stages, as rewards for staking NFTs, and as prizes in giveaways.

Reaching each subsequent NFT level will increase its rarity, cost, staking reward, and starting from the Exclusive level, it will bring a monetary reward. Note that achieving this level alone will return to you what you paid for the NFT!

Additionally, the NFT will grant you the right to participate in unique events:

  • Weekly for 12 months - VIP tournaments in Ramble Royal with a prize pool of $400 per week. No bots, only for NFT holders.
  • Monthly for 12 months - VIP sprint in Zealy, where by completing simple tasks aimed at promoting the project, you can share a prize pool from $2,000 to $5,000.

At the end of the first project phase, every NFT holder will become a co-owner of the tokenized artwork by Pablo Picasso and will also receive a free pass as a privileged participant to the second phase of the project with an even larger prize pool and new project features, including the creation of Art Monopoly game and Art Metaverse.

It sounds incredible, and you surely wonder why we're doing this?

The answer is: our main goal is to further develop the project and create something grand. To achieve this, we need to build a strong community with a success story, both within the project and in Zealy. That's why now, during the first phase of the project, we've decided to forgo profits and invest our resources in laying the foundation for future growth, while simultaneously helping many ordinary people worldwide change their lives for the better using the new opportunities of the digital economy.

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